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The Small Business Cash Flow Solution

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    No Application Fee, Term Contract or Early Termination Fee

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  • The Unique Factoring Extranet*

    PC/Tablet/Smartphone Online Invoice Creation
    Plus Free Quickbooks Integration & SMS Alerts

  • Attn Staffing & Temp Employment Firms

    Free Electronic TImesheets
    Your Contractors Become Your Billing Clerks
    Now You'll Have Time To Grow Your Business

Cash Flow Problem Solved

Online Invoice Creation Tutorial

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* A secure website where the parties collaborate in electronic business transactions.

The Leader in Cloud Based Invoice Factoring

The Small Business Cash Flow Solution

Factor Your Invoices in the Cloud

Same Day Funding

Powered By Our Factoring Extranet*

The Paperless Invoice Factoring Solution


What is Cloud Factoring?
We have developed a unique, paperless invoice factoring extranet * which sets us apart from "old school" factoring companies, and enables us to fund you the same day you create invoices. It consists of custom proprietary software which automates many tasks and optimizes funding speed, and an industrial strength web server and database hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud hosting leader. Learn more.


How do I invoice my customers?
Either create your invoices online using our secure invoice creation web page, or create them offline using Quickbooks and upload the invoice data to our database. Learn more.


Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
No. Although most "old school" factoring companies have 1-2 year contracts and impose an "early termination fee," our paperless factoring agreement has no term or "early termination fee." So, you can stop factoring whenever you wish. Learn more.


Do I have to factor all of my invoices?
No, however, you should pick the customers whose invoices you want to factor and factor all their invoices. The reason is simple. They are going to make us the payee, anyway. Therefore, you will make them angry if you turn factoring off-and-on because they will have to continually change the payee in their system. We call it the "rule of reasonableness."


What if an invoice proves uncollectible?
It depends on the reason. If your customer goes bankrupt, it's our loss. However, disputed invoices are your responsibility, but we'll work with you to ease the burden. Learn more.


Electronic timesheets for staffing firms?
Yes. We love staffing companies and are the only invoice factoring company that offers electronic timesheets, and they are FREE. Most important, they act as a front-end to our online invoice creation and Quickbooks apps. So, since timesheets are the mother of invoices, your workers will essentially create your invoices for you. Just add an invoice number. This is your FREE path to a paperless, automated business. We call it "Staffing 2.0". Learn more. 


How much do you advance?
Our advance rate is 80% of the value of standard transactions. In special circumstances, we can advance 90%. Learn more.


When do you advance?
We advance via bank-to-bank wire transfer when your customer's Invoice Approver approves your invoices on our secure extranet. Learn more.


Can I track your processing & funding of my invoices?
You will receive free automated emails and can opt-in for free text messages alerting you of all factoring events. Learn more.


What if I receive payment in error?
You must mail all checks, unendorsed,  and wire all incoming wire and ACH transfers to our lockbox account. Learn more.


How much does factoring cost?
It depends on the length of time is takes to us to collect. Learn more.

* A secure website where the parties collaborate in electronic business transactions.

Powered By Our Invoice Factoring Extranet

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Cloud Factoring
The Cash Flow Solution


Attn Staffing Firrms
Free Web Timesheets

Free Real-Time
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The Only Paperless
Factoring Portal

Invoice Factoring Extranet

Invoice Factoring Extranet

Quickbooks Integration

Quickbooks Integration

Free Electronic Timesheets

Free Electronic Timesheets

Free Text Message Alerts

Free Text Message Alerts

The Invoice Factoring Extranet

Paperless Invoice Factoring

Our Exclusive, Secure, Cloud-Based, Invoice Factoring Extranet, which is hosted by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Cloud 2 (EC2) server system, will revolutionize your business.

Create invoices online 24/7, or

Upload your Quickbooks invoice data to our database.

◾Receive funding the same day you create your invoices.

Most of our clients create their invoices using our Exclusive Cloud-Based Invoicing Software. However, our Quickbooks (QB) clients can create their invoices offline using QB for data entry and upload the QB invoice data to our database using our exclusive QB Integration app and avoid double data entry. 

Our exclusive, free, Electronic Timesheets app is integrated seamlessly with our Cloud-Based invoicing and Quickbooks Integration apps. Most importantly, when your workers create their timesheets, the also create your invoice except for the invoice number, because invoices are merely a compilation of timesheets. Now you will have the time to grow your business.

Automated emails and opt-in text messages will keep you up-to-date regarding all your invoice factoring activities.
◾ A new customer is approved for factoring.

◾ A new Invoice Approver is authorized.

◾ A new Accounts Payable person is authorized.

◾ A customer approves a new invoice.

◾ We fund you via wire transfer.

We are the only paperless factoring company. That means we don't have any paper invoices, purchase orders, proofs of delivery, timesheets, etc. submitted by our clients, whatsoever. All documents are electronic and accessible with a click. However, "Old School" factoring companies are buried in their clients' paper. No wonder they take so long to advance, and we fund so fast.


Cash Flow Problem Solved

Online Invoice Creation Tutorial